Electing Democratic candidates and promoting Democratic values in Lee County Alabama

Our Mission:

Get Out the Vote!


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Our Mission

We are committed to promoting Democratic values in our community. We work to raise the profile of the Democratic Party, find and support great Democratic candidates for office at all levels of government, and serve our community in accordance with our values. We invite you to join us!

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Our Programs

Right now we are in full campaign swing! We just opened a headquarters, where volunteers can meet to go knock on doors, call our neighbors, and write post cards to make sure everyone in our community who can votes in November.

Meanwhile, we continue to hold monthly meetings where we discuss business, socialize, and learn about issues that matter to our community.

We also have community service initiatives. Ask us about the ways we are reaching out to our Lee County community to make it a better place for all of us.


Get Involved

We always accept new members, and visitors to our meetings and to our headquarters are always welcome. You can find out how to get involved in electing Democrats in Alabama this year by clicking the buttons below. We look forward to working with you!


Volunteer Events

Click below to get the latest information on all the events we have planned and to sign up for events.

Become a volunteer

Click here to fill in a form so we have your contact information. You’ll receive emails and calls letting you know about volunteer opportunities and training.

Make a Donation

We know you’re donating to lots of candidates! This is the year to forego the fancy coffee and spend your money on preserving Democracy. Maintaining a headquarters is expensive, and every dollar helps!